Designs and innovation come to life at DS lab. 
Clothing and innovation starts at DS Lab, We offer extensive services when it comes to design, quality and craftsmanship. We are located in Montreal, Quebec and have upwards of 20 years in the fashion and textile business. 

DS Lab private label brand is a innovative line that focuses on the trends that are in high demand. With cutting edge designers and quality we attract consumers that are looking for digestible fashion for the mid priced market. 

Alton Gray Clothing is one of our most sought after brands at DS Lab, sold at popular retailers such as Saks 5th avenue and Holt Renfrew. We are pleased to say that we have uncovered a niche market in women's clothing and created this whimsical yet sophisticated brand.

“Production and quality has always been on time and customer service is above and beyond at every step.”.png